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very cool Monica about your son and learning some healthy habits. Really, it's not just about carbs, or just about fat, or just about calories... JUDDD has taught me about moderation... too much of anything is not a good thing. I'm so happy you guys are doing it right!

TJ-- omg, I hear you. I used to work at a place in Montreal (land of the perfect bagel) where we had an official department rotation for bringing the bagels on fridays. then people would get creative and bake or bring other treats no wonder I got fat working there! (ya, that's what it was, the bagel fridays, bwahahahaha ) But seriously, it didn't help.

I do think that if you scoop the inside out of bagels and just use a hollowed out shell, you'd lose about 100 cals from the 300 total. Just a thought for the future

Me today:

B: 5 slices thick cut bacon
L: 340g chili (equivalent to a wendy's large, and I followed the copy-cat recipe).
1 can v8.
I need water and vitamins at this point.

D: I've got some steaks thawing, and need some sort of veggie. I'll do chocolate, but go back to the dark, and not the easter/milk chocolate I've been chowing down on.

I'm determined to get back to my low and BUST THROUGH it!!!
Practicing Mindful Eating... or Not Eating
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