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I don't starve, that's for sure - about 1500 - 1700 calories a day. I cap my protein grams at 80, carbs at under 50 (from nonstarchy veggies and nuts only) and fill the rest of my calorie allotment with fat - MCT or coconut oil, liver pate, fish oil, bacon, avocados, butter are some of my favorites, weighed and measured. I keep a bottle of liquid coconut oil in my desk and when I get a tinge of hunger in the late afternoon, I take a small slug, and it really dampens my hunger at dinnertime. As you said, go with what has worked for you before, tweaking to be as healthy as possible. That's what I did. I've also found that mixing in shirataki noodles with stir fries for my lunchbox has really helped - I'm a volume eater, and the noodles are really filling (and keep me regular) - I also love kelp noodles, and some other very low carb noodles I found at my Asian grocer. I only eat foods I love, which really keeps me on track and enthused. I hope this helps!

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