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I certainly don't think that calories in, calories out is the whole or even the main issue, but when setting my fat intake, I'd do the following:
1) Pick the amount of healthy (net) carbs to eat (say, under 20)
2) Pick the moderate amount of protein to eat (best guess of amount required to maintain lean body mass)
3) See how many calories 1 + 2 add up to. Set the calorie level I wanted to follow, and get there by making fat be the rest of my intake.

That's what I'm doing on NK plus JUDDD, anyway, but JUDDD is all about cycling calories (at least 1000 calorie difference between down days and up days). So my perspective is certainly influenced by the JUDDD part of my plan. My reading of Volek and Phinney is different from Sharkbait's suggestion: that the carb and protein levels should be set by grams, not percentages, and the fat grams can be dialed up or down to get to (or under) a calorie level after that.
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