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Originally Posted by JMCM1 View Post
I have kind of decided any hot (temperature hot) sauce I put on my uncooked noodles will cook them sufficiently for me.
That was why I cooked the noodles slightly tonight - I was using pesto, so it wasn't a hot sauce to "cook" them in.

Originally Posted by ouizoid View Post
I nuked my noodles for a minute and then put the hot sauce on them. Yesterday my noodles were too soft, but today they were delightfully chewy! Let them sit overnight--
Ouis, I'm gonna try that next time. They were in the fridge for about 2 hours before I used them tonight, but they were definitely too soft still.

Originally Posted by Jakelilydad View Post
Question for those of you with a NORPRO: Do you end up with a bit of leftover dough after feeding the dough through the machine? The last time I used the KA Pasta Press I was a bit disturbed by how much was wasted, and wondered whether the Norpro was better.

I stuck that little wad of dough that was left into the freezer in a sandwich baggie - gonna use it next time I make pasta, defrosted first of course!

Others have said that they roll them out into a thin sheet then freeze, and when there are enough, will make lasagna with them.
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