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Noodles and Pastas

Sherataki, Sheratake, Miracle noodles are all another good vegetarian option. I use House Brand Tofu Sherataki which I can find at Whole Foods in the refrigerated section. They come in a weird bag filled with water.

These noodles lend themselves more to Asian cuisine than to Italian cuisine. The texture of them does not allow for the soaking in of sauces the way regular pasta does. There are multiple threads on this website discussing them and giving recipes, so if you are very interested, do a search!

Cooking Technique: There is some prep work before these can be used in recipes. It is basically a 2-step process, rinse and pan-dry.

I simply slit the top of the bag, pour out the liquid and then run under the faucet, rinsing right in the bag. Meanwhile I heat a non-stick pan, sometimes spray it with PAM or use oil. After rinsing, I throw the noodles in there and heat them until all the water has dried and now they are ready to be used in recipes!

My Favorite (quick!!) Sheratake Recipes:

After rinsing and drying them in a hot pan as described above:

1) Pour 1.5T melted butter on top and garnish with 2T parmesan cheese. Lovely with a side of sauteed cabbage or some other green veggie

2) Make Ramen Noodles!!!! Make a cube of Knorr vegetarian bouillon (from the soup aisle), throw in your prepared noodles and add a few tablespoons of sour cream (and sliced green onions, and/or cubes of fresh tofu if you like) ... killer good!!!

Italian Pasta Dishes

I actually mostly eat the various Italian sauces from high carb vegetarian days, poured with the lovely cheeses and cream, right over a bed of sauteed spinach, or other green vegetables. I love sauteed cabbage as noodles too! And when I go out to eat Italian, I always have the restaurants do this for me and I often get comments from the chef or waiter .. on how amazing it looks and how they'll consider adding it to their menu! lol!

But, many have found the Davincis pasta products to be a good occasional option. The taste and texture is exactly like regular semolina pasta using a resistant starch that makes your body not absorb the carbs .. it is still carbier than a lot of the foods I eat so I have not had a lot of this. My family, though, cannot tell the difference between it and regular pasta. For a lot of lengthy discussion of this product and it's carb claims, do a search for the many threads here on this subject.
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