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Originally Posted by sistertzu View Post
Thanks for the link.

I'm not into fake meat stuffs, but I have been working on a recipe for soy crumbles that turned out really well for whatever you would use hamburger. The ones in the store have so many ingredients and are quite expensive.

1 cup textured vegetable protein
1/4 cup ground flax (I used light seeds)
1/4 cup chia seeds (ground in coffee grinder)
salt or salt seasoning to taste (pappys 50% less salt)
pepper to taste
2 T soy (wheat free)
garlic /onion to taste
oil /clarified butter for sauteing
1 cup boiling water or broth

Ok, put everything except chia powder and oil in a large mixing cup
add water or broth, stir, let sit an hour.
add chia powder stir, it will be sticky and weird
heat skillet add fat of your choice
saute, browning and breaking up as desired
cook until the moisture is evaporated and it's nicely browned

It freezes well. So many flavor possibilities. Sausage spices would be great. I haven't made patties with it yet. I am going to try different ingredients for the chia powder too like almond or soy flour.

Thank you for this recipe. Where it says 2 T. soy - what would that be? Would it be tofu or smashed soy beans or soy flour? please help...I'm always looking for a good meat substitute and most commercial ones, I really don't like or can't eat due to the ingredients
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