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Oven fried bacon and eggs

Oven fried bacon and eggs
Im the mother to a large adoptive family (9 boys and 5 girls) and although some are married and no longer here (only 8 of us still here), I still do OVEN FRIED BACON n EGGS most weekends. You can feed a crowd and not be a slave over the stove! EASY!!

Start with a cold oven. Line a large cookie sheet with heavy duty tinfoil. Spray foil with PAM and lay bacon sliced side to side on foil. Put in oven THEN turn to 400* and walk away for 17-20 minutes. When crisp enough (my kids like their bacon a little limp) remove pan carefully. Put bacon on papertowels to drain meanwhile crack as many eggs as needed (today I did 16) into the hot grease on the cookie sheet and return to the 400* oven. Cook anywhere between 10-18 minutes. The yolks will firm up yet LOOK unset and trick you, so test by touching the yolks from time to time to judge. You will soon know the exact time it takes to make them perfect. 45 minutes from start to finish and the foil makes clean up a snap.


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