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90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Part 2!!

Hello all and welcome! I am looking for some lovely individuals to join me in a 90 day challenge!! Everyone needs a little accountability so lets keep each other accountable!

The challenge will begin Friday May 16th and go til August 15th!

You can use any weight loss method you like (Atkins, South Beach, Medi, HCG, Etc..), all I ask is that you stay active (active on the boards!) through the challenge to let everyone know how you're doing and weigh in every Friday! Feel free to post daily menus, exercise, tips, advice, jokes, etc---anything to keep all of us motivated and moving forward!!!

Please come JOIN us! I am in need of Low Carb Friends and Accountability. Summer will be here and gone before we know it---so lets make the most of it!

Post a profile first and then I will add you to a list and we will get this party started!!

*My Profile*

Name: Mariah
Age: 25
Height: 5'7
Heaviest/Start Weight: 230#
Current Weight: 205#
90 Day Goal Weight: 160# (-45#)
Ultimate Goal Weight: 125#
Method of Weight Loss: Atkin's Induction, Meat & Egg Fasting, & Being More Physically Active
Motivation: Get back into my smaller clothes, feel less self conscious in everyday life, and have a flat tummy! Also can we say Swim-Suit Season?!

Please, please, please come on in and join us, the water is fine
The more the merrier!
Nothing Tastes as Good as Being Healthy & Fit Feels
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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"-Hippocrates

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