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Originally Posted by Blue Skies View Post
Nice work Garlic! I have to eat out a fair bit for work and family/social demands. It's not easy when everyone around you is ordering some of the foods you love. My hardest moment is always when the bread basket comes around. I try not to even peak at it as I pass it, because I know it will be calling to me.

I often go to the restaurant site before going out and plan my low carb order. I actually enjoy this because I'm always the last one to be able to make up her mind on the menu, so no pressure this way, and it keeps me firmer in my commitment.

Also---I have found most restaurants will not sub a side salad for side dishes w/out charging you, so lucky you. I have talked them into charging me only half for the salad. Even at Hardees you pay 20 cents more for a burger in a lettuce wrap. It's irritating, but maybe lettuce is more expensive for them
Good job Garlic! I have done the same thing as Blue Skies - check out the restaurant website for nutrition info before hand. Also my experience with sides is the same as hers - if a side dish is listed on their normal "sides" menu they will let you sub no problem (for example, steamed veggies instead of fries), however if salad is not on the sides menu (and often it isn't) they will want to charge you more, as it is considered an "extra". Of course you can solve this by going to a restaurant that automatically gives you a salad plus a side. Or you can keep doing what you did, I suppose!
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