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First time eating out since starting low carb.

Quite a success!

But it wasn't easy..... My wife had a salad with lots of stuff I can no longer eat. My one daughter had a wrap with fries, and my other daughter had a spicy chicken sandwich with fries. We also had an app of spinach / artichoke dips with chips.

So, what did I have? I had a bacon cheeseburger without the bun or the fries.... Now here is where it got "interesting"..... I asked if I could have them put some salad on the plate instead of the fries and bun. The waitress said I would be charged for a separate salad, so I asked for the manager. I explained that I am diabetic, and eat low carb, and that the amount of salad I wanted was surely less costly than the bun and the fries, and that IMO, they shouldn't charge me. ( I literally wanted only 1 - 1.5 cups of salad ).

The manager started to hem and haw that it wasn't company policy. I said "That's fine, but it seems rather silly for you to lose $60 or $70 in revenue over 50 cents of salad." He didn't respond right away, so I told my family that we should go across the parking lot to TGIF. Guess who changed his mind in 2 seconds?

Anyway, I ate my spinach and artichoke dip with celery sticks.

When my entree came, I don't know what happened.... I had asked for " a cup or so of salad" to act as a bed for my burger... and what came out was a GIGANTIC salad... like 5 to 6 cups of salad. I was only able to eat about 25% of the salad, and that is why I asked for only a cup or so.

Anyway, it wasn't easy..... I am a french fries, covered in ketchup, kind of guy.... I love chips with dips.....

And hard as it was, I didn't have even a single nibble of anything that I wasn't supposed to eat.... even though, my wife said, more than once, "One or two fries won't hurt you."...... Well, maybe they wouldn't knock me out of ketosis, but it would be crack in the armor.

Anyway, I made it through unscathed. I'm pretty proud of that.

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