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Originally Posted by CarolynF View Post
Can you make this in muffin top pans? Well sprayed with Pam???
That's what I did.

Originally Posted by Barbo View Post
I was a failure. I cannot figure out how to mix it once
you add the boiling water. How much mixing? What does
the dough look like. What is the texture supposed to be
once the water is in? I was disappointed in myself because Maria's
pictures are splended and there is a very large use for this
kind of bread/roll.
Barbo after I poured the water in I just mixed it up until it was a smooth dough and it becomes thickish. I don't think you have to worry too much about over mixing, because you will know its done after it comes together and it is no longer soupy and holds it's shape. I was kind of wondering how it was going to work also but it did. I baked mine in a muffin top pan because I wasn't sure if it would hold it's shape, but it does, so I could have used a cookie sheet if I wanted to. You can bake it into a sub shape or a round roll like I did.
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