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OK, well a few more immediately come to mind then - chayote squash makes a dandy apple substitute, and I've also used zucchini in a mock apple crisp.

Heavy cream is a good substitute for canned milk, and is also just dandy for helping to thicken up sauces and gravies. Just simmer it down til it's the consistency you want.

Guar and xanthan gums can also be used to thicken things, but one has to be pretty careful not to use too much or the resulting consistency is a slimy nasty thing!

Raw wheat bran can be used in place of flour in the bottom of a low-carbed cake pan - it helps the finished product to release - but it's best used for things like carrot cake or other dense moist varieties where a bit of wheat bran clinging to the cake isn't a distraction. Spray the pan first with Pam, add a tablespoon or so of raw wheat bran, shake/tap it to distribute evenly, then tap out the excess.

Likewise, cocoa powder can be used to lightly dust the bottom of a pan for chocolate cakes.

Which BTW, the black bean brownies/cake recipe is pretty amazing, you can make a really delicious cake using a can of black beans instead of any type of flour!

You can make a roux using Carbquik or quinoa flour.

You can make a nice tempura-style batter using 2 cups of Carbquik and a 12 ounce LC beer. Mix together and let stand about 10 minutes. Shake your choice of items to fry in a little Carbquik (helps batter adhere) and then into the batter. Onion rings are really good this way, other veggies probably are too, and shrimp!

Lower the temp of the oil a bit as CQ tends to turn dark more quickly than regular flour. I usually fry about 325* to 330* instead of 350* or more.

You might also take a look at Lauren's blog (healthy indulgences) - she has a ton of recipes which use some rather innovative methods to achieve a high-carb end result using low-carb products.

If I think up more I'll let you know!
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