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Okay, here goes, I really liked it the first night. I liked it the next day but then after that it wasn't so good. By the day after that I thought it was quite nasty and tossed it. You think the flax perhaps?

So last night I made the Any Nut Bread. Now that is quite good. Even toasted a couple of pieces today and they were good. I made some pecan flour, so used that as my other nut flour.

To make the pecan flour for the toasting bread, ground it in my mini food processor then finished it off in my coffee grinder used not for coffee. Did not want to waste the flour, so used that in the recipe. It does call for a more course grind which I gather would be a meal. So perhaps next time I will not grind it so fine and try again, and I'll bet the bread texture will be different. But at least right now the flavor is good but dense.

Going to try some others. New one for me, sesame seed flour, why not if you can purchase them in bulk and pretty inexpensive.

Anyone else do any experimenting?
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