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Originally Posted by Tilly View Post
I made the toasting bread last night. Odd that it was in the oven 45 minutes then turn and ANOTHER 45 minutes. Well that and then letting it cool in the pan for 15 put it past my bedtime. , soooo, went to bed smelling bread in my house. Is that not better than counting sheep or what??!! So will try it today. Kind of pricey to make, but if I can get something I like toasted will be worth it to me. I have yet to find a LC bread (not purchased through a web site nor TJ's) that I enjoy toasted AND makes a loaf.

Same here, will test it today and post what I think of it. It does look very nice.
Am anxious to hear your results Tilly as I almost made this recipe instead of Garbanzo Onion loaf. Did you use real eggs or did you purchase liquid egg whites? The photo of the Toasting Bread in the cookbook looks great.
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