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Yea there's no way I'd make it to 1000 calories of protein a day either.I'd ask to speak to someone else at your clinic about your carbs. Maybe someone else can chime in on their carb/fat allotment, but I definitely don't think they've given you enough. I started with 120lbs to lose and was still set at 500-700 protein calories, plus 100 calories of a healthy fat, with no set fat gram allowance. I eat 2 eggs or eggbeaters for breakfast, 2 all natural hot dogs (no bun!) For lunch and some kind of meat & veggies for dinner. Plus some cheese, and sometimes a carbmaster yogurt and usually a 100 calorie pack of almonds for my healthy fat. With what you're eating you should definitely be losing but I truly don't understand why they'd have you so restricted on the carbs and fat. I don't know if maybe having so little carbs and fat could be stalling you? I hope someone else comments here that may have any ideas! I don't see how they can expect you to stay under 6g of carbs when we're supposed to have 2 veggie servings or 1 veg & 1 fruit serving per day. My clinic didn't even give me a specific carb limit until I asked and was told 25-30 net (total carbs minus fiber)
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