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This week I weighed in at 249 lbs for a gain of 3lbs this week, a total of 41 lbs lost, 37 of them on JUDDD.

I'm late. Not as in pregnant. But as in I'm late making this post because I was traveling this week and maybe because I didn't want to make this report. But you guys keep me honest, so here goes.

Low Points

Bewildering Bounce. Yes, I predicted that I would bounce up this week after my new low. But what I didn't predict was that I would suddenly, and for no discernible reason, bounce up 7 lbs! When I saw that happen, I knuckled down and did a potato hack for the rest of the week, still keeping to JUDDD rules--and meeting my calorie numbers for the first time in months because hey, it's not as easy to overeat plain potatoes as you might think. Anyway, that's why the scale only registered 3 lbs gained on weigh in day instead of 7 lbs, but that's a small consolation.

Convention Hell. This was a sucky JUDDD week. First it was a potato wasteland. And then I know next week's report isn't going to be any better because I had to go off rotations completely this weekend.

High Points


Fine. Ok, so there's at least one high point. And that was that I was able to meet my JUDDD up day calorie goals by eating potatoes only. Heck of a way to get your up days under control, though.
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