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Originally Posted by Tweaker Geek View Post
Sun - What are you using for chocolate frosting? Very pretty cake, wish I had a rose bundt pan!
People always love the look when baked in this pan.

For the chocolate glaze, I use the Lindt dark chocolate bar and heavy cream. When it is for high carbers, I tend to add a touch of Erythritol to the glaze because they tend to like it sweeter. I just melt the chocolate and add the cream to get the consistency I want and then pour the glaze over the top. I tried a buttercream frosting, but that kind of takes away from the beauty of the cake "rose petals" by covering it up. I have sprinkled some real rose petals on the top for a dramatic effect and I serve with some whipped cream on the side.
This is my favorite low carb cake.
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