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Originally Posted by Yam-Yam View Post

I related to this! On strict VLC I can lose with lightening speed. But it's very hard to keep it off. And, I'm always grumpy because of so many restrictions on LC. Then, one slip up and the scale bounces sky high and takes forever to go back down even if I'm very strict (and grumpy.)

On JUDDD I'm never hungry. I definitely experience the JUDDD Calm that is probably a by-product of those magic sirtuins flowing around inside me. Weight loss is slower with this WOE but I'm not in a race and I'm too old to suffer on a WL plan anymore!
I lost weight at least as fast with EOD fasting as with LC, and the rate of loss didnít slow down all that much as my weight reduced. I had to make a deliberate change to my diet to stop losing, which I didnít with LC.

I donít notice a JUDDD calm, but at least it doesnít actually make me jittery as LC did.
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