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Originally Posted by Trigger828 View Post
it is ok. I ate what I wanted today. I have the bloat happening but I know I will go right back on plan tomorrow. That is what you should do. drink lots of water to help flush out, get back on your normal food plan and just wait for it all to go away. it will not take long. Do not say 'cheat'!! lol for me I knew I was going to have some of the goodies offered at my moms house. I had some but now I am ok with that decision and right back on plan as if it never happened. Within a few days it will all be back to normal for you if you don't make a huge ta-do out of it. I won't. I will quietly go back on plan and all will be fine. I know it will be for you also. GOOD job on that loss to date

Love this part, "if you don't make a huge to-do about it," meaning guilt and anxiety over what's done.

I don't think of these as cheats either, they are very occasional indulgences that I enjoy. And for me it's become very simple, no big "to-do," you just jump right back on plan the next day with lots of water to boot. These days I find getting back on plan a relief after a rare treat meal.
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