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Originally Posted by metqa View Post
What Drago said! For example, if I roast a whole chicken, I eat the breast dipped in the drippings which is pure liquid fat and the best gravy ever. The thighs and legs are fatty enough on their own, so the drippings really help the chicken breast go down and avoid constipation and gives you more fuel to use. Protein is rotten fuel, you want more fat than protein to keep from feeling ill and tired.
Since I began my low carb journey, I learned to cherish the fat. I seek out fatty cuts of meat, I eat tons of coconut oil and butter, and I save bacon drippings in a jar in the fridge and dip raw vegetables in it for a snack. The people of the Northern Plains knew long ago the value of fat when they made pemmican as did the nomadic Masai tribes in central Africa. The Inuit of Alaska knew too. They fed the meat to the dogs and ate the fat.
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