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When you eat to your meter and it's lying to you it kinda feels like betrayal. It's good that you know now instead of using the same meter for multiple A1c's and getting wrong readings. Good that you appt is soon.
I know some that set a goal far less than normal so if the meter is wrong they still hit the normal range. I'm using a cheap Relion meter from Walmart. It has the reputation of being 5-10 points higher than if I had an accu-chek. I'm not on insulin so I'll use the cheaper strips for as long as I can. If I needed pin point numbers I certainly would change meters.
I've stopped drinking creamer in my coffee and went to straight heavy whipping cream or half and half. Creamer had too many carbs and when I checked myself one time coffee jumped me from 103 to 169. That day I had not eaten breakfast and had not taken my meds so that I could test what coffee REALLY did to my bs.
I switched to real cream that day.
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