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My opinion is that even if you are just beginning your weight loss journey you should buy at least one new outfit every six months. Something that looks flattering on you at the time. As you get closer and closer to goal, what looks good on you will change and these clothes serve a record of the evolution in the change in your body composition. Which is motivating. Also it is important to look and feel good in the clothes you are wearing. I made the mistake of wearing my old clothes last summer that were baggy and falling off me. All it did was attract all sorts of comments such as: "you're too skinny now, you look anorexic." "You need to eat more fattening foods" etc. As rude as the comments were, it is partially my own fault for wearing baggy clothes, I won't make the same mistake this summer, I am going to go out and buy some tight clothing that show the cellulite that is still on the back of my legs to prove that I do still have bodyfat! I am also going to buy a bikini that shows that yes, I don't have a perfect body and I still have some fat on my legs and thighs. In the past I used to hide these areas but that is when I was much more overweight. Hiding them now just seems to make people think that I am anorexic even though you can't see any bones in my body at all! Not to mention the fact that I am still much bigger than most teenagers my age of the same height and frame size.

My point is that how you dress and the clothes you wear are important. My aunt has been doing Dr. Bernstein and started losing when she was around 280lbs. I think she has lost around 50lbs now and she looks amazing in her new clothes. She dresses in a way that flatters her body even though she is still considered to be overweight. It attracts all sorts of positive comments that keep her motivating.

On the other hand we shouldn't be dressing for others which is true, but its funny how both her and I were/are on weight loss journeys and I was receiving all sorts of negative comments where as hers were positive. I think in my case it was because of the way I was dressing.
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