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Originally Posted by Mistizoom View Post
I've been contemplating this very issue, as the seasons are changing and I am quickly running out of clothes I can wear to work. I had to retire two more pairs of work pants today, and what I thought was a drawer full of old 3x tops that would still fit ok were all 4x tops that are way too big. I do have casual clothes for summer that will work for a while, but I have to get some clothes for work soon. I really don't want to spend a lot of money at this point, as I don't intend to stay at this size for long, but I don't know if Goodwill or thrift stores would work for me. I'll probably head to Walmart or Target and see what they have cheap.
Misti, this is a good problem to have, yes?! And I don't think that just because we invest in a couple of nice things for where we're at NOW, means we have any attention of staying there.

Believe me, like everyone else, I get the money thing. Heck, when I look at some of the netrition grocery lists here, I think, wow, what I could do w/that money. I've had an ongoing cart at netrition, and have not yet been able to pull the trigger on a single order. I keep finding alternatives, or finding it available w/out shipping costs.

So I guess we all choose our priorities. And there is absolutely no right or wrong on this, only what works best for each of us. And BTW, I don't do thrift stores for clothing either. Too much work, and frankly, a lot of it is overpriced for what it is. I take my chances at lower priced stores, w/their sales and clearances, and I've done quite well that way when it comes to clothing.
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