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Originally Posted by Librarygirl View Post
Flutter, you wouldn't lose at the rapid rate that you have, but you would still lose if you added in food on DDs. Probably at about 1/2 the rate, but it's something to think about IF you don't want to do 0 calorie days for the rest of WLM. If, however, you prefer to have nothing, then it's all good!
See, that's what I thought, too, LG, but I am skeptical since my past 2 DDs were in what I would consider maintenance numbers one day (600ish) and still WLM the other (300ish) and I gained a pound after each DD. Of course, it could just have been a fluke, sodium or hormonal thing and done consistently, I could lose uber slowly, or at least, manage to maintain. Heck if I know! Normally, low DDs are a-ok in my book, b/c I get hungrier when I eat. I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

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