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Mary, I bet if we were closer, we could do some damage. Maybe that is why we are not closer. My friend Elizabeth has a lot of the low carb books too. I am not for most of the books. All the ones she has, has all this stuff I have not heard of in it and not really my style. I mostly eat close to natural. I have can goods just in case one day I might need a quick meal for someone who drops in, but I like to start with the fresh stuff when I can. Today was an up day. I had bacon and eggs for breakfast with a cup of coffee with protein powder in it. Then had a couple baked potatoes with some fat free sour cream for lunch and a homemade veggie soup with okra, cabbage, potatoes, onions and tomatoes in it for dinner with some crackers. I do allow myself the sugar free hawaiian punch to drink and now til bed time will be water. Tomorrow is a down day and I only have liquids. Then Saturday we got to celebrate my son in laws birthday that was Tuesday and he wants seafood. Looking forward to that. After the weekend, I will decide if I will go back to atkins or stay on juddd. I love the juddd idea and it did work great for me when I started it, but then it quit working. We have a pharmacist who comes and does our blood work and brings our drugs to work and all. The 1st time he came, I can imagine what he was thinking when he saw me. But I sure impressed him with my numbers. He said I had the best numbers on bp and cholesterol and trigs and bs that he had seen all day. Just that other number that was the problem. But one day, I will over come again.
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