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Lainey, I too pray for your car to be fixed well and not cost too much. Can you consider selling your house and moving to something cheaper, senior housing, put your name on a list there, HUD has such housing.

Wow, all the newbies, I thought I was on the wrong thread, lol. Welcome, and don't try to do completely without so called carbs or starches, it ain't gonna happen. And it takes time to get yourself down to smaller portions, and to exercise regularly, but you can do it. See a dietitian if you can, it makes a big difference to see the chronic weight issue as a health thing, not a beauty thing. No magic, no point in trying to buy it in packages and bottles, that has been done over and over, to no avail. Just telling it like it is.........

The flight has been delayed of the relatives from Texas, so we are stuck here for awhile before we head to the airport.

Take care, folks.
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