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Originally Posted by Boboelink View Post
First day on this board since I restarted low carb 8 days ago. My 57th b-day is Monday. So far I barely lost one pound--but it is not so much for the weight this time around--but to change my lifestyle and this will be a gradual process. I have not had one iota of sugar or wheat. Usually love to indulge on my birthday but this year truly believe I will be able to avoid that.
OH BOY I am craving for a slice of toast, however....and never know what to have for lunch. In fact I have bkft. and dinner but seem to pick in between. I cannot deal with salads for lunch all the time.W/o bread.starches not sure what to do. I am thinking to add some small amounts of wheat free/gluten free grains but that defeats the purpose of low carb?
I would write more to your posts but being new to this not sure what to say...other than my 22 y/o daughter was extremely premature and she is doing fantastically --a biochem--major now!
Have a wonderful day!
bobelink... I have the same problem. I turned 58 last Dec and I could not loose anything...Da$% this menapause!
I LOVE carbs. Netrition has some lo-carb flour that you can use. It's not the best but it will do to make things. good luck to you.

It's just me.
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