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I lost 9lbs in 4 days on JUDDD!!!

Ok so most of of it had to be water weight! But so far so good. I have lost 9 lbs since tues I work out religiously and follow a low carb program, doing around 600 cals on DD and Idk the cals on UD's I just LC everything until im "fuuuull".(est. 1500cals)

Well i have been reading alot and most ppl who have came from atkins or other lowcarb diets say that they eat junk, sweets....whatever on UD's.
So my question is....On an UD do I eat until i am full(which i am never full becasue of my new vicious metablolism), eat my daily recommended calories, or just pig out on what ever?

Today I slipped up... badd its only noon and ive had oreo ice cream, oreo cookies, shortbread cookies, Dove chocolate candies, not to mention a sausage Biscuit *gasp* with syrup, sausage burrito, mini hash browns, pork skins and a couple of atkins bars....yea I know sickening! What will my scale look like tomorrow? Should i be eating within my 2837.58 daily recommend calories or is okay to gorge lke this?
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