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Originally Posted by GTBraveGirl View Post
Here is my throw together dinner with the ingredients from the above post. I haven't tasted it yet. I'll let you know how it was.

I would love some good budget friendly low carb ideas. I have to go to the store tomorrow and I want to get some good, cheap low carb stuff to get me through the week. It is difficult because I eat a lot. My husband does too. He is also low carbing.
I love following this post! I love to see pics when people post. And what creativity Cleo has!! I love all her stuff. Anyway, onto the budget friendly low carb ideas. I have a family of 6 and we live on one income. I watch the sales for everything and stock up when I can. Yes, I do have an outside freezer and it is stocked!! When Food Lion put their skinless, boneless chicken breast on sale for $1.79 I filled my freezer. Then when the Bi-Lo put their chicken breast on sale for $1.59 I stocked up again!!! I rarely buy meat full price---I always shop the mark downs. As long as it gets eaten that day/night or put right away in the freezer, it doesn't matter so much the me anyway!! I bought a ham after the holidays for $9....original price $27!! You just have know your prices and where to look for things where you shop. When the Wal-Mart down the street from me opened up this summer they had a sale on Philadelphia cream cheese. It was a dollar a box. Right now it is $1.72 a box You bet every time I went in to Wal-Mart I walked out with at least 4 boxes!! Every time they went on sale for the holidays at any store I would stock up. At least 4 boxes every trip. I used up my last box this weekend for my cream cheese muffins and the dates were all still good!!!

I see you are in FL. I love Publix because they do buy one get one free specials. Not many of those items are low carb, but they will put their nuts ( I just bought the Emerald brand of cashews) and canned chicken or tuna on that special. I try to buy those when they are on sale like that. What I also love is when I have a coupon on those specials because Publix does double coupons here. I know that eggs are not cheap any longer--I think anything over $1 for a dozen is expensive--but they will fill you up!! I love Linda Sue's quiches....the bacon swiss quiche is a family favorite. I agree that the casseroles on her site are a good budget saver. Cook once and eat off it a few times!! Love those kind of meals. I also really like Kroger. They have the 10 for $10 very often. I buy my produce and frozen veggies that way. Avocados, cole slaw (yes, I am lazy!!), shredded lettuce. Try to buy in season too. Oh, and soup is good too!!! One pot of soup can last for days. I love cauliflower soup--take one carton of chicken stock/chicken broth, add 1 recipe of mashed cauliflower and cheddar cheese. You have a great soup that lasts days. That is one of my DD's favorites. She is 8 and very picky!! I know this post is very long and has no pictures, but wanted to share my ideas for stretching a buck. Hope you get more ideas!!
Dawn in SC
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