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Originally Posted by Drewbie View Post
Main ingredients
1 Tumaro's brand "Low-in-carb" " wrap (6 net carbs)
1-3 bone-in lamb chops (zero net carbs)
1-2 Tbsp of Ranch Dressing (1-2 grams net carbs)
Rosemary, Thyme, Cayenne Powder, kosher salt, olive oil (minuscule carbs)
Lettuce of choice (1-2 carbs depending on serving)

Kick on the grill to 400 degrees
Season meats, both sides, don't skimp on salt if your diet permits. Rub seasons into the meat and coat liberally with olive oil to keep spices on meat and prevent sticking.

Grill both sides of meat for 3 minutes and remove from heat. Throw wrap on grill to soften or crisp up a bit (or microwave to soften and warm). Let the chops rest at room temp. Meanwhile, top the wrap with lettuce. Slice the meat and put that on the lettuce. Drizzle with ranch dressing** (a little ranch goes a long way, you could probably do 1 Tbsp and take a gram of carbs off.) Top with pepper flakes (if you like a little bite) or mint leaves.

You can fold like a gyro. You could break the crispy wrap into chips. This is a decent serving, you won't be hungry after this one!

Total carbs: 9 as seen but as low as 6 if you trim the excess wrap and go easy on the lettuce and ranch dressing.
Fats: Varies based on meat, oil and dressing
Calories: No more than is needed.

This post just enlightened me to Tumaro's Wraps. I located a store in a nearby town and will be making a slight deviation from my route today to pick up a package. I love sharing. Thanks for sharing.
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