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Important Notice Regarding Food Photos, Recipes, and Blogs

We have been asked by several LCF members to address their concerns that some members are posting food photos and requiring members to go to another site (such as a blog) to obtain the recipe. Concerns have been noted that this is drawing members away from LCF.

While we understand that bloggers want to attract attention to their site, we also need to address the issue that it is our intention to keep members on LCF.

Therefore, you are welcome to post a photo AND a recipe. You are welcome to include a link to your blog ... the best place is in your signature. However, we ask that you refrain from posting photos and forcing members to go to your blog for the recipe and more information.

LCF is a huge forum with many thousands of members, and we try to handle issues as fairly as possible. We hope you can understand our position on this matter. Our intent is to keep members on the LCF site while recognizing that members do have blogs they would like to share.

Thank you.
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