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Originally Posted by heyjupiter View Post
Anything GOOD? Only a few things...

Borage oil makes my skin GLOW!
coconut oil for skin, teeth & hair
ACV kicked weight loss into gear on LC

Lots of things I've tried and left behind, though...

Davinci syrups (I must have a dozen...damn splenda! Anyone in Maryland want a lot of free Davincis? Lol)
Stallone Pudding
Low carb tortillas (no thanks, I'm anti-soy, and prefer to leave the panic inducing products behind)
and pretty much any "low carb" product that is frankened with inferior substitutes
Pork rinds (I'm eating WHAT?!? This can't be healthy, and don't really taste good either...)
Stevia (yuck!...and I tried it many moons ago before it went mainstream)
And most recipes with LC substitutes (no, it DOESN'T taste just like the real thing!)

And one I won't touch with a ten foot pole...
Shiritake noodles. What is this? Water and some sort of indigestible non-protein, non-carb, non-fat element? How can this possibly be good for you? Eat to live, not live to eat. Why not save $ and munch on cardboard?Lol

I know lots around here love their shiritake, but I kinda feel the same. It's something I would have to special order, I've heard about the smell, and frankly it just doesn't sound appetizing. More power to those of you who eat it, but I'm another one who just doesn't get it.
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