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Originally Posted by replay View Post
I made Kristie's version exactly as written using oat fiber and yeast. I didn't care for it. I thought it tasted slightly bitter and was dry. On the plus side the batter was airy/bubbly and rose nicely. It was actually too much batter for my regular size loaf pan. However, one end of the loaf had an air hole in it.

I think the key to any version of this recipe is not over mixing when incorporating dry ingredients into wet so be careful with this step.

It could be my taste buds but I cut the loaf into cubes and used it in a bread pudding recipe with cinnamon/nutmeg and it still tasted not so great.
I made Kristie's soul Bread on Monday. Her recipe calls for 1/2 cup of oats fiber. Instead I use 1/4 cup oat fiber and 1/4 cup WPI 8000. I agree it was very very Airy and fluffy. I had a problem, The last five loaves I made it I left the bread stay in the oven until it was cool. This helped it not fall in the center. However the loaf I made on Monday had oozed up all through the center and wasn't done. I tried to fix it by putting it back in the oven even though it was completely cool. It worked but the crust was fairly dark. It has a really good flavor but I'm not sure I should do it again
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