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Originally Posted by 24Fan View Post
I'd thaw them first. Then put in salted water to cover,bring to a boil. Are they boneless or with bone? Bone ones would take longer of course. I let them simmer, with a lid on, for about 15 mins then shut the water off and let it cool down in the water. Seems to keep them moist. Also, I add celery/onions and seasonings to the water to give them some flavor.

24FAn - Thanks for your response. The ones I have are boneless. Just curious, what is the difference in thawing them first? Seems like it wouldn't make that much difference if you are just boiling them for chicken salad except for, of course, boiling from frozen would take more boiling time. Or does it affect the tenderness also? Just wondering because I've never boiled chicken before.
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