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Apparently the medical profession is changing its stance concerning diabetes. My DH was diagnosed 5 years ago as type 2. It was never so bad it showed up on his own meter but did show thru fasting bloodwork. He also had trygycerides of 2500 (not a typo) as well as high blood cholesterol, low good cholesterol and high bad. We went to a diabetes ed class and they taught him to eat low fat so he could lose some weight. Well, of course that didn't happen. In fact, after a month of trying he gave up and started eating everything in sight. That's when the Doc put him on Glucaphage sp?. We found Atkins almost 3 years ago and started it. DH has lost 52 lbs to date. He recently went to his Doc for a lab review. Fasting sugar, tryclycerides, blood pressure and all the rest were normal. (Went off the diabetes meds after 6 months of Atkins) His Doc says although rare, it is not impossible to actually cure diabetes. He has officially declared DH as cured and has submitted a letter to the insurance carrier. I never knew it was possible! I had to see my own Doc a week later and she agrees that type 2 diabetes is curable!

We are thrilled! Just wanted to share.
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