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Originally Posted by Doulton View Post
[color=indianred] I had a shock this morning; yesterday I finally received the GG Bran Crips crackers that Br. Berstein recommends so highly in his book. Each cracker has 4 carbs and 4 gms fiber for a net carb of 0. Each cracker is only 16 calories.

I woke up this morning. BS was 92. Fine. Broke up 4 of the crisps and added a small touch of milk. Added just a sliver of butter. I estimate that this is no more than 100 calories.

I ate them with high hopes. I know that I need more fiber.

One hour later my blood sugar was 202!!!!

Can anyone tell me why that might be? 3 hours later it was down to 156. The reading over 200 was a shock and a surprise.

Thank you.

Natalie [/color]
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Hi, Doulton

Just me, I never check my sugar at one hour because I imagine almost anything I'd eat would still be in high gear digestively... I never test earlier than 2 hours after the first bite of something. Were you just trying to see if the crackers were affecting you badly?

Also, I have found that as much as the carb count has to factor into a meal, so does a portion size, and what might be the recommended serving size for some is still too much for me. Meaning, if I want a little of that food, okay, but a "typical" serving size is going to be costly to my next--and even subsequent--testings. Some foods don't seem to affect me much at a regular testing interval either, but yet, they'll seem to spill over into readings the next time or two.

I even find that eating something at different times of the day, and in conjunction with when I've had my medication/vitamins, can alter my test results. One day I might have some sweet potato and test at an awesome number, another day I have that same portion and blam! through the roof.


P.S. I've ordered some of those crackers for arrival this week and I'm looking forward to trying them... hope your numbers won't be my own! Guess we'll see.
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