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Hi ladies! Is there a new thread? I'm go glad everyone is on the cinnamon bandwagon. I don't test my BS regularly, but I think it has really brought down my husband's sugars. He told his twin about it (who has diabetes), but he huffed at it. I give it to him with his cereal in the morning (he's addicted to Oats and More and Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast) and with supper. I know the cereal isn't good, but before we were married he was eating those kids sugary cereals! At least he's moving in the right direction. On weekends we have eggs, and he does good with that. This weekend I made some lowcarb breakfast cheesecake "muffins" that were absolutely horrid. I followed the recipe exactly, they looked beautiful, but they tasted very eggy and had an aftertaste. I ate 2, daughter ate 1, DH spit out one, and we threw the rest away. I sure hated it, all that money down the drain. If anyone knows of a better recipe, please share. Well, I'm at work so better run.
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