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[color=orangered] Lorena, I do wish you a lot of luck. It seems as if you are very patient, very methodical, and very determined to stay on top of things. You've already lost an awesome amount of weight and you are knowledgeable and intelligent. Those are all great weapons against diabetes, which has its unpredictable and irrational moments. You can probably typically figure out what's gone wrong. Sometimes it's just stress. I myself tend to devalue stress as an explanation, but my doctors and others have often mentioned the diabetes/stress connection.

I believe that cinnamon has helped a lot but I also admit that I started the cinnamon right at the same time that I managed to get very prudent about my diet.

Did I mention that I am suffering from Shingles right now? I am in a lot of pain and it's really interfered with my work-out routine. I want to get back asap, but the pain is bad. My doctor asked me to wait 8 days before I went out in a place with a lot of people -- not that I can give shingles to anyone, but I can give chicken pox to anyone who has never had it.

Take good care Lorena and everyone else.

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