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Natalie, I am so happy with your success! To be able to eat satisfying food at a restaurant and still have perfect blood sugar is definitely reason for celebration.

That really is the awesome thing about cinnamon--even if you don't know if it's helping, you at least know it's not hurting. Haven't ever heard of anyone being harmed by cinnamon!

I'm having a perplexing rise in fasting glucose the past few days, trying to figure it out. My diet is fine, except for maybe too much protein. I am feeling good but fasting BS is around 120--not astoudingly high, but more than I'm used to. Hormones maybe? Yesterday excercise brought it UP 30 points, which also annoyed me. Two days ago I went hypo taking too many herbs and that kinda wrecked my day. Diabetes is a tricky thing to deal with sometimes. Today I'm just taking the cinnamon without the other herbs to see what happens. Hope that can get me back on track.
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