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Whoa Natalie! I can understand why that shocked you. Well, it's hard to say for sure what caused it, but I'm suspicious that you might be sensitive to certain grains or gluten. It could be that something upset your body and triggered the release from your liver, which stores glucose for emergencies. I had that reaction to Dreamfield's pasta. 1/4 cup put me up to 300 in a quick hurry. I have not found any literature describing the exact mechanism of those spurts, but they are well known to happen. I remember Bernstein did lightly address that in his book, too. He said to follow his guidelines only as far as you are not sensitive to those foods, same for Atkins.

Another problem with the bran crackers is that they may actually contain carbs. In Europe they count carbs and fiber differently than we do, not adding fiber into the total count of carbs. So the crackers may have as much as 3 grams digestible fiber each, and if so, then four of them would put you up about 70 points or so. I have seen threads on this forum where people call the company and the company states the crackers have no carbs. I don't believe them though. I always count them as 3 carbs each and the monitor seems to reflect that for me.

My advice: I would eat just one cracker or a half-cracker next time and see what that does. If just one cracker sets you off, then you know it's a sensitivity and you need to not eat them. Otherwise, it just might be that four is too many. I know it would be too many for me. I can only have one at a time, and not very often.
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