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LOL, Linda! Methane is such a polite way to describe your reaction.

Never knew zucchini caused gastric problems. That's a first for me!

I did know about maltitol as it was a commonly used sugar alcohol in diet candy. Don't know if it still is, because once I tried some diet candy and the result wasn't pretty, I never bought it again. That was years ago.

I'm looking at this through the eyes of a newbie. When I first came here, I pored through archival posts, and when a recipe was really well received, I'd give I think a whirl. The first time I tried it was with the vanilla ice cream. I read all the pages of comments, of pretty much unanimus praise. The only reference to the polyD was when the author put in parentheses that she wasn't sure it was "completely necessary." The whole batch only contains 2 Tb total of polyD. I don't even want to imagine how sick I'd be with Scott's brownies, pecan pie or pecan cake made with it, since those have such a high concentration of the "devil dust" in them!

The first time I ate some of the ice cream was when bad the reaction occurred. I was alone, and could barely get up off the bathroom floor for hours. I would have gone to the ER, but that meant I'd have to get up and drive myself, which was out of the question. I'm lucky I didn't pass out and hit my head. It took me another day to be able to even get out of bed. I just chalked it up to having contracted a bad stomach virus.

A couple days later I ate some ice cream again. At first, I was OK. Then, it hit. Again. OK. Maybe this wasn't a virus. And the only thing I had eaten in common was pretty obvious.

The only thing in the ice cream I hadn't had before was polyD. So I researched for that specifically, and found a post by Kevin, where he said it gave him a lot of trouble. And there were a few others, too. Ah HA! I only wish soemeone had posted a tip-off that it contained an ingredient that had been known to cause gastric problems for many. It would have been extremely helpful and appreciated. Often, we forget that there is a constant flow of people who are new to LCF, who haven't seen other posts about potentially troublesome ingredients. That's why I propose that when suggesting a recipe with maltitol, xylitol, or polyD, which pose a risk to a significant number of folks, that a simple caution be included.

The ice cream recipe, happily, was fixable. The next time I made it, I backed the polyD off by half. Not as severe, but still ended up with problems.

So I evolved to making the ice cream without it, adding more glycerine, lecithin and Vitafiber as well, to compensate. The texture this way is lovely without the polyD.

But when you bake, eliminating it isn't really possible because it functions as a structural element. That makes those recipes a no-go. Lucky you, being able to consume it with just a bit of "methane." I'm envious!
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