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Originally Posted by Meme View Post
Dawn, I was searching for this yesterday but couldn't remember which thread I read it on. I'm glad I found it again. Sorry about your daughter but I bet with a wonderful mother like you making cooking her all of this good food, she will recover just fine. Been there and done that but with kidney failure. I think the antibiotics she took for strep-throat did it to her. Zithro-max Z pack. You only have to take it for 3-4 days which sounds good at first but It apparently causes a lot of damage in other areas. I looked it up after she got out of the hospital and one of the side effects on the meds. web-site is acute renal failure...
Thank you for posting the recipe!
Well, thank you. My daughter is out of the hospital (it has been 3 years now ) but not out of the woods. She will have diabetes type 1 forever. She will not outgrow it, she will not NEVER have it. She will have to live with it forever and take insulin for the rest of her life, but we are at least used to it now. It is our new normal. Thanks for posting. How is your...daughter was it?.....I hope she is doing well now. Wow renal failure from a Z-pack. Nasty side effects. But with renal failure--can you recover from that?? I know that that can be a complication for diabetes
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