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Originally Posted by am2106 View Post
After reading through this thread (and craving Chicken Salad!), I steamed some last night that were frozen. I ran them under hot water first to start it, but then I steamed them on med-high setting for 30 minutes. I checked them at 15, but they were still kinda raw looking. I seasoned them with seasoning salt and am planning on Chicken Salad for dinner - mmm.
I've seen some chefs (like Robert Irvine) say that you must not thaw uncooked meat using hot water because it causes bacteria to grow. I'm sure that once you cook it, most of the bacteria will be killed off, but I'd still be cautious.

Also, I've used chicken that's been frozen in a salt solution. The chicken is really tender when cooked, but it's really salty for my taste.
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