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Ginny, DS said he heard that Home Depot and Publix have generators not sure if they have any food there though. A food truck would be great if you can find one. That's if they have gas to drive around. Sheesh!

Still no power in South Florida, so hot and humid still and no a/c of course.

Julie, that must be the same in Lowes those places sell generators so they must have plenty.

Babette, it was the first Season drat! The channel was showing 'New' as it is on another station, so new to that station. It was the one we saw on PBS last year. Still funny though.

We are having a Indian Summer up here, really strange, sunny and up to 80'sF in the afternoons. A/C back on. Sheesh crazy weather. I am liking the sunshine not crazy about the heat.

Waving to All...
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