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I thought I had removed all the wheat from my diet but would on occasion experience a bit of heart burn and thought, that was just the way it was for me. It was certainly a massive improvement over my health prior to getting wheat out.

I did however discover that wheat was still present sometimes in my food without me being aware of it. It was in things like sausage, and soy sauce. Once I was really vigilant about wheat in even the smallest quantity, all my tummy troubles went away.

In May, I went on a 16 day vacation and although I don't normally drink beer, I decided I would indulge with 1 when I wanted and low and behold, within 1/2 hour of consuming one, the stomach ache reappeared. It happened each and every time... with food and without food (all very l/c). It is definitely the wheat in beer.

So a bit more of the 'aversion therapy' and I can say that I am done with beer. Wheat is much too hard on my digestive system and just not worth it. For further information on the how and why of the wheat issue, I suggest reading Wheat Belly by Dr. W. Davis.
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