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Tuna Mock Fried Rice

Does anyone remember this OLD recipe? I made this years ago and it was awesome. My memory is not quite the same, but I am sure you can adapt it to your tastes, but it is really good.

Tuna Mock Fried Rice

1 small can Solid White Albacore tuna (must be the albacore & drained)
1 TBLS Soy Sauce (to your taste)
1 TBLS Sesame Oil (to your taste)
2 eggs (lightly beaten)
Frozen peas/carrots - I just added carrots, no peas

In a non-stick skillet (or Wok), on med heat, brown the tuna using 2 forks to flake and break up the tuna until like fried rice. After it is browned, add the 2 lightly beaten eggs and cook until the eggs are scrambled. Add the soy sauce and sesame oil to taste, and then add peas/carrots and heat and serve.

Obviously the ingredients can be changed/subbed to your taste of Fried Rice, but the White Albacore Tuna is the key! If you would like a larger amount, just use the big can of Albacore Tuna and adjust ingredients accordingly.
I can eat this all by itself, but would be excellent with Orange Chicken

I hope you enjoy it and I thank all of you for all the wonderful recipes on this sticky!
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