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JUDDD has been the only program (and I've tried several!!) where I could lose anything at all.

I'm not the typical "dieter" or so my physician always tells me. I'm not 30 yet, and I'm 5'8 and currently 157 pounds. My highest weight ever?? 164 pounds 40 weeks pregnant (five years ago!!)

I've tried meetings and meal plans. No carb and gluten free. All sorts of exersize boot camp and tv trainers. Not a single one worked. (Although insanity did get me a nice butt. A 160 pound butt, still.)

So my doc suggested JUDDD. This woe has been the only thing that has never yoyo'd. I don't go up and down on the scale. If one pound's gone for good. Not four pounds gone and then three back on like I was getting. Not gaining excess water and then shedding it and counting that as a loss.

To be honest, this has been VERY slow. I started in December. But I'll take slow and permanent vs quick and fleeting any day.
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