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I find it slow, but I LOVE it. Fast never worked for me, because I couldn't sustain it. I find I lose in chunks, with my weight bouncing around the same point for a while, and then I have a big whoosh. I have been JUDDDing for 48 weeks now, and am down 46 pounds. So just about 1 pound per week.

Sure, I would have liked to lose 2 pounds per week, or 3 pounds per week, and been at this point quicker. But most important to me is that I am at this point AT ALL!

Perhaps a lot of it is what our perception of 'slow' is. I got used to the idea of 2 pounds per week from my Weight Watcher days. That was branded as a reasonable rate of weight loss, but we were always applauded for losing quicker/more. That equals better in our society.

Then, with competitions like 'The Biggest Loser', we got introduced to the idea of being able to lose massive amounts of weight, week after week, if you just 'really worked at it'. I think it plays a lot to the Protestant work ethic so prevalent in America(regardless of one's own personal religion). We think hard work equals virtue and success.

Well, I am happy to do this the easy, lazy, non-virtuous way!
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