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Originally Posted by lovetoknit View Post
Your menu looks good. I usually keep my carbs less than 10 a day also. I am very sensitive to them. I am glad that I can have heavy cream without a problem. I thought at first that I would have to give it up, but it turned out that it was sweeteners that were my problem. So I limit them a lot. I also found that if I have over 4 oz of protein a meal, that I will see a gain. So I eat small amounts of protein several times a day. There are days when I do not get more than 60 grams of protein. So what do you like to knit? Right now I am knitting socks.
Socks, you must have much patience! I have tried to knit socks and I have one of many different socks now around the house. I always tire of it before I do the second. I love to knit baby hats and sweaters, cowls, scarves, etc. Mostly things that don't need to be exactly precise sizes, as I lack the patience needed to swatch and get it right. But I love color work and don't mind mittens too much, especially the finished product. Looking for a pattern now, something quick and easy for the beach!
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