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My 2 cents - before low carbing, I didn't really have a sweet tooth, but once I started, I found myself dreaming of sweet stuff, simply because I knew I couldn't have it. Rather than giving in to those cravings, I went the other way, and cut ALL sweet things (inc diet soda and sweeteners) out of my diet. It took a week for the cravings to go, and they've never come back. Now, if I accidentally (early morning mindfog!) add a sweetener to my black coffee, it tastes awful.

I believe in going cold turkey on these things - I may have had a difficult week when I first stopped using sweeteners, but the subsequent months have been much easier than they otherwise would have. I liken it to stopping smoking, but allowing yourself 2 cigarettes a day - that is torture, and prolongs the agony. Better to just quit totally, easier in the long run.
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